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Cloud environment design, migration, management and optimization, data analytics platforms, and more.
We can help you accelerate your business by leveraging the AWS cloud.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most widely adopted cloud platform that delivers more than 200 complete services across data centers worldwide.

Numerous Features

AWS provides more than 200 services ranging from infrastructure technologies such as databases to new technologies such as the Internet of Things.

Largest Customer

AWS has millions of customers and tens of thousands of partners around the world. Customers in almost all industries of all sizes use AWS.

Superior Security

AWS' core infrastructure is designed as a secure cloud computing environment to meet the security needs of military and international banks.

Enable Rapid Innovation

With AWS, which continues to invent entirely new technologies to transform your business, you can quickly experience and innovate with the latest technologies.

Proven Expertise

AWS has been delivering highly available environments and reliable cloud services to millions of customers worldwide for over 15 years.


Key Services & Technologies

Cloocus offers "cloud consulting" to build a cloud optimized for customers' needs, "cloud migration" that is reliable and systematic, and "managed services" for efficient operations and borrowing.

Data Services & Offers

Cloocus provides optimized data analysis environment construction services considering corporate requirements and data processing environments.

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Customer Success


“AWS PaaS solves the shortage of manpower for CBT (private beta test) infrastructure operations.”

-Fast game service development is important as a development manpower-oriented company.
-Service operation and management for CBT cannot be operated and managed due to a lack of infrastructure operation personnel.

-Compute (EC2, Gamelift)
-Database (RDS Aurora, Redis)
-Storage (S3)
-Network (CloudFront)

-Focusing on development through Cloocus’ technical support and AWS PaaS utilization.

– providing stable services through RDS Aurora without in-house professional database personnel.


“Cloud transformation enables traffic and cost effectiveness”

-Building a new shopping mall in AWS Cloud Migrating from
-on-prem environment to cloud environment

-Compute (EC2)
-Network (Load Balancer)
-Database (RDS for MySql)

– Reduce the time and cost of infrastructure deployment with IaaS
– Increase application availability by distributing incoming traffic with Network Loadbalancer


“Maximize PaaS efficiency with Elastic Beanstalk”

-Building an in-school meal ticket payment application

-Compute (EC2)
-Network (Route 53, Load Balancer)
-Storage (S3)
-Monitoring (CloudWatch)

-Elastic Beanstalk (PaaS) enables agility in application deployment and increases developer efficiency
– Simple server scale-up to ensure elasticity when errors occur


“Building a Cloud Environment with IaaS”

-Enable IaaS for Smart Factory Deployment

-Compute (EC2)
-Database (RDS for Oracle)

– PayG reduces the cost of infrastructure deployment
– Deploy reliable Windows workloads using AWS global infrastructure
– Benefits of fully managed databases and high availability


“Configure a global-scale network cloud environment”

-Multiple games publishing

-Compute (EC2)
-Network (CloudFront)
-Database (DocumentDB)

-CloudFront (CDN) allows users to play games fast overseas
-Automatic monitoring using CloudWatch and SNS to generate alarms when downloading game servers

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